Recent Projects
This section includes solo projects only.

Vaporec Master (for Liquidbox, France) Item-based recommendation engine written on Pandas and integrated with WP MySQL backend.

Cupid Rate (for Bluusun LLC, USA) Human facial beauty estimator. Process face photos with ML/Deep Learning algorithm and yields an absolute rating score. Used for dating website.

CycleML (for Ergotech, USA) An ML component predicting batch processing time from batch parameters, working in online mode.

Career Tracker (for Selling To Executives, France) Automated scraping system (based on twill, Python, HTML/CSS/ajax). Keeps track of changes of a list of few hundred employees publishing their career details in social networks. Run as a Django server with the user-friendly front-end.

(website is down)
Mirror 0 (for AdHippo, Australia)
Automated video scraping system (based on Scrapy, Python, bash). Scrapes 5 major news sites including video content. Runs on a daily basis. Fingerprints pages so that only new data is scraped on consequent runs. Saves data in user-friendly manner. Provides per-page report.

Rarog, caching proxy server
The caching proxy server, based on a raw sockets. Pre-forked multiprocessed architecture was developed for the maximum performance. Features: -multiprocessed request handling, original architecture with the constant number of processes; -storage either in filesystem or in PostgreSQL database; -HTTP1.0/1.1 support; -chunked encoding; -HTTP pipelining/persistent connections;

Airway (for private customer, Lithuania)
The project is intended to find an optimal route in case a user needs to visit different destinations with flexible timing. Route combinations are built basing on the desired airports and dates range. Then every route is scraped from a major airline ticket website and analysis results are saved to excel spreadsheets. Working through multiple proxies is supported. Built upon Scrapy platform, Python.

Intranet Messenger (for RIO Design Office, Russia)
The text messenger application designed to work over UDP/TCP protocol. Authentication, user-list, message notification and other common features. Used in distributed radio-channel based networks. Based on Qt (C++, QtNetwork, QtGui).

Dependency Visualizer (for RIO Design Office, Russia)
The system is used to ease the dependency management of large Qt/C++ projects. Analizes a project and display an animated graph of project module dependencies, using browser capabilities. Modifies the graph to show the dependencies of selected modules only (C++11, JavaScript, bash)